2018 Falmouth Fireworks T-Shirt

Falmouth Fireworks is proud to celebrate the centennial of this
All-American song.

1918- "God Bless America" 2018

Written by Irving Berlin in 1918for World War 1
Revised by Irving Berlin in 1938 for World War 11

First sung on the radio by Kate Smith on November 11, 1938.

This Anthem has been sung for civil rights, labor rallies, sports events, and by Republicans and Democrats alike as a political statement for patriotism and cultural and religious tolerance. In 1940, Mr Berlin directed royalties to be donated to a fund, the God Bless America Fund, he set up "for the benefit of the youth of America." He named the Boy Scouts and the Girl Scouts his favorite youth organizations.

This year's Falmouth Fireworks T-Shirt design was selected by the artist Karen Rinaldo to celebrate the song and it's American spirit of pride patriotism .

Last chance for 2018 fireworks t-shirts

Your last chance to get a 2018 Falmouth Fireworks t-shirt will be on the ball field across from the BBC starting at 4pm on the July 4th.

Ayla Brown Performs for Falmouth 4th of July

Atlas PyroVision celebrates 30 years with Falmouth Fireworks with the addition of a special pre-fireworks performance by MA native and American Idol finalist, Ayla Brown. Atlas CEO, Stephen Pelkey states, “We at Atlas PyroVision are pleased to announce that Ayla Brown will be performing for the Falmouth Fireworks audience on July 4th at Falmouth Heights. We wanted to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Irvin Berlin’s original song, God Bless America ~ as well as the beginning of our year-long celebration of the 70th Anniversary of Atlas PyroVision.”

From parachuting with the Army Golden Knights jump team, lighting up the scoreboard for Boston College basketball, or acting as a main correspondent for national news programs, Ayla Brown is no stranger to the spotlight. She has released two full length albums, Heroes & Hometowns and Let Love In, both to critical acclaim and her new single, “Label,” released on August 11th on all digital platforms. Her national performances include the Orange Bowl, the Boston Pops 4th of July spectacular, Fox & Friends, ESPN’s Monday Night Football, and The Huckabee Show. She was also a finalist on nationally renowned television program American Idol, and she continues to utilize her vast repertoire of talents while advancing her already successful and illustrious career.

The Falmouth Fireworks Committee is pleased and delighted to welcome Ayla Brown for a free concert at Falmouth Heights on July 4th leading up to another spectacular annual fireworks display by Atlas PyroVision.

As Atlas begins their yearlong 70th fireworks season, we salute the men and women of our US military, their families and all of the volunteers who help make our Independence Day celebrations and tributes so special.

2018 Traffic Information

As in years past, traffic will be restricted from entering the Falmouth Heights area at 6:30 pm. The restriction will stay in effect until the spectators safely leave the area.

Parking Ban

A temporary parking ban, including a “tow away zone”, will be implemented on July 4th starting at 5 pm and will stay in effect until the spectators safely leave the area:

  • Grand Avenue (South), between Walden Avenue and Central Park Court, including all metered parking spaces.
  • Worcester Court, between Jericho Path and Grand Avenue (South), including the grass median.

Handicap Parking

Handicap parking is available at Bristol Beach and Surf Beach parking lots.

Traffic Plan

In an attempt to alleviate traffic congestion as a result of the heavy volume created by the annual Fireworks Display, the Falmouth Police Department has devised a traffic plan for vehicles exiting the Falmouth Heights area. Please refer to the following: Traffic Route Map. All motorists are advised to plan their route in advance.

The Falmouth Fireworks Display is a non-alcoholic event, and all laws governing the possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages will be enforced.

***In the interest of public safety, all containers (bags, coolers, etc.) will be subject to random search***